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Schilling's ankle:

The Red Sox training staff thought of various ways to keep the tendon in place. Special high-top shoes didn't work, and they hit upon the idea of sewing skin in Schilling's leg to the tissue underneath, creating a wall that would keep the tendon in place.

``It seems extreme. We couldn't find a case of it ever being done before,'' Epstein said. ``It was the best way to allow him to have his normal mechanics.''

Schilling had three stitches put in at about 2 p.m. on Monday, about 90 minutes before he tested his ankle on the bullpen mound in Fenway Park.

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An interesting letter from Kenny Williams, White Sox GM to Sox fans on

"We will see what players are available on the free agent market to fit our needs, and I also am willing to pull the trigger on a trade if I believe it will make our team better. We have been criticized for our willingness to trade young players for the chance to win now. I will never apologize for trying to win. It has been way too long since White Sox fans celebrated in October. On the wall of our board room is a chart showing our team's projected roster over the next three years. Miguel Olivo is the only player we have traded away who is on that chart from 2004 to 2007. I hated to give him up, but I felt that getting a pitcher like Freddy Garcia through 2007 was more important for this organization"

Seems to me he's lying. There is no way that Jeremy Reed (traded to SEA in the Garcia deal) could not have been on that chart.

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