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Kerry's Calculus: What We Think We Know - Remembering One of Life's Little Truisms

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Sunday, February 13, 2005 - His role unclear, Julio signs one-year deal with Orioles

With the addition of Reed and Kline and the probable elevation of Ryan in the bullpen, Julio is considered an attractive player for a trade.

The New York Mets and Arizona Diamondbacks had expressed interest, as did the Chicago Cubs, who instead took Jerry Hairston and minor leaguers Mike Fontenot and David Crouthers for Sammy Sosa.

Orioles executive vice president Jim Beattie said nothing is set about the closer situation at this point.

"It's up in the air," he said. "We're confident about B.J. and we'd like for Jorge to be more consistent, but that's one of those things that we'll decide in spring training."


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Baltimore Orioles Press Release: Orioles statements on Canseco book

Orioles 1B RAFAEL PALMEIRO today issued the following statement regarding the forthcoming book by former major league player Jose Canseco:
"I categorically deny any assertion made by Jose Canseco that I used steroids. At no point in my career have I ever used steroids, let alone any substance banned by Major League Baseball. As I have never had a personal relationship with Canseco, any suggestion that he taught me anything, about steroid use or otherwise, is ludicrous. We were teammates and that was the extent of our relationship. I am saddened that he felt it necessary to attempt to tarnish my image and that of the game that I love."


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New York Daily News - Sports - Daily News Exclusive: Canseco confessions

The tell-all book, "Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big," published by Regan Books hits bookstores Feb. 21.

"The longtime Oakland star, who made a brief appearance with the Yankees in 2000, claims he introduced steroids to the game and injected fellow Bash Brother Mark McGwire in the rear end numerous times in clubhouse bathroom stalls.

He also describes watching disgraced Yankee slugger Jason Giambi and McGwire injecting each other when they both played with the Oakland A's, and says he personally taught All-Star and potential Hall of Famers Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro and Juan Gonzalez to use 'roids after he was traded to the Texas Rangers in 1992.

Canseco claims the team's general managing partner at the time - an aspiring politician named George W. Bush - had to have been aware that his players were using performance-enhancing drugs but did nothing about it."


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GM Night at Fantasy Camp - Mike Flanagan answers questions from the O's faithful.


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