Sunday, March 14, 2004

Some of my handful of site visitors might be interested in this contest. You must first sign up for the free Around The Majors Reports (they're great) by sending an email to, then you can enter the contest below.


1) You must predict an order for each division, from first place to last. Entries that only predict division winners will be discarded.

2) You will start with 5 points per teams. If you correctly predict that team's place in the standings, you will receive 3 bonus points for a total of 8. If you incorrectly predict that team's spot, you will lose 1 point per difference in their place in the standings.

3) Ties will be broken in the following manner--(1) By the date of the entry (but not the time of day), (2) by the number of correctly predicted division winners, (3) total number of correctly predicted teams. If there is still a tie for a monthly prize, the winner will be chosen by a random number generator. If there is a still a tie for an end of the season prize, multiple copies of the sabermetric baseball encyclopedia will be awarded.

4) The grand prize at the end of the season will be a free copy of the next edition of the sabermetric baseball encyclopedia. The runnerup will receive a free entry into the Legends of Baseball League.

For the 4th consecutive year, the Legends of Baseball League,, will serve as a sponsor for the contest.

5) Monthly prizes will be awarded. At the moment, it is a prize to be named later.

There shall be a limit of one monthly prize per person. In the event that the monthly leader had already been awarded a prize, the prize shall go to the runnerup and, if necessary, down the list until a winner is named.

6) I will submit a set of predictions, but will not be eligible for any prizes.

7) The final set of predictions is due by Monday, April 5, 2004. A contestant may enter earlier and then make any changes prior to the deadline. Only the most recent set of picks will be considered as the entry. In case of any changes to the entry, the date of the amending shall be used as the date of the entry, for purposes of the tie breaker.

8) Entry into the contest shall be limited to members of the around the majors list and the Baseball Immortals Discussion List. If a contestant drops his membership from the list, then will be considered to be a withdrawal from the contest. (EXCEPTION--Temporary removal from the list, to prevent email from building up during a vacation shall not result in a person being removed from the contest.)

9) The entries should be emailed to But, they can be sent to me at my regular email address, if anyone forgets the contest one.

10) Please please the entries in either of the following formats--

NAME OF DIVISION--1st place team, 2nd place team ...

1st place team
2nd place team

Please do not line things up in columns, with all of the 1st place teams in one row, the 2nd place in the next ... Experience has proven that such entries tend too often to turn into a mess when they appear in my inbox. Too many times people have thought they would be exceptions to that rule and sometimes they are. But, I've gotten enough entries over the years that took work to decipher and therefore anyone who violates this rule will have their entry returned to them without being recorded and will have to resubmit them in the correct format.