Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Rob Neyer's All-Good Decision team on

No Orioles on Rob's list since he didn't look at pitching and all the Orioles' hitting slots were virtually assured going into spring training. Since Rob didn't touch on the O's I'll add what I believe were a few good decision's by the O's this spring:

Giving Matt Riley, Kurt Ainsworth, Eric DuBose and Eric Bedard rotation spots to start the season. All have potential and are better options than the many league retreds that could have been signed. Riley in particular looks like he could be a gem.

Signing Miguel Tejada, Javy Lopez and Raffy Palmiero. Javy is off to a fabulous start and shouldn't be expected to keep up this pace but he's still a top 3 catcher in the league. The O's farm system certainly isn't producing anything close to a top 30 catcher so the signing was smart. Tejada could be the best defensive shortstop in the league (now that A-Rod plays 3B) and he can hit. The O's also have nothing at SS in the minors. Palmiero is a 1 to 2 yr rental that won't hit for a high average but he will knock out a number of home runs and he could always have some trade value when teams gear up for their post-season runs.

Giving my favorite Oriole, Luis Matos, a chance to show he belongs in the OF as the everyday centerfielder. The guy isn't the most patient hitter but he plays solid D, has good range and he steals bases. If he improves his selection at the plate he could become one of the best CF's in the game.