Friday, December 31, 2004

The Bore-ioles

It continues to amaze me that the O's have absolutely no interest in Odalis Perez. I realize that pitchers are mad overpriced this offseason but this rotation is terrible. Do the O's really want another year like last year's mess? Do the O's believe they can develop a starting rotation that is entirely homegrown? The Orioles have announced in the papers a number of times that they won't sign any FA pitchers so I might as well forget about complaining, nothing is going to happen.

The best bet for change is through trades. Rumors are swirling that the O's could land Javier Vazquez from the Diamondbacks after he gets dished there along with a load of cash and a couple of prospects. The New York Post suggests the O's would have to give up some combination of Eric Bedard, Jorge Julio, Luis Matos and Jay Gibbons. Considering the source I wouldn't put a lot of stock in this rumor.

I believe that Bedard is by far the most talented pitcher the O's have from last year's staff. I also believe it would be a mistake to trade him at this point. He struggled with control last season but he was just returning from Tommy John surgery. Usually year two is much better control-wise for pitchers returning from the surgery. His K/9 of 7.9 last season was very good and if you toss in a little control with that stuff you have a very nice starting pitcher (not to mention he's a lefty).

My plea to the dynamic duo, if you are going to trade give up Matt Riley (if anyone even wants him) or Daniel Cabrera (so many GM's overvalue wins) just give Bedard a second year to prove himself before making any rash decisions.

On a side note, Happy New Year to everyone that reads my sporadic posts or finds these links of use/interest. Thanks for wasting some of your time passing through here. Maybe my New Year's resolution will be to give this blog more of my time...